3 more ways dating applies to conversion rate optimisation

So this is a follow up post to my previous article about first dates and conversion rate optimisation. I briefly outline that there were various similarities between the two as they are both about making a good impression.

However I dont think that particular well has run dry yet. their is plenty about the dating world that applies to the CRO world, so here goes another 3 ways dating is a lot like conversion rate optimisation.

Cats spooning

  1. Don’t expect to get lucky on the first date – now I am starting with probably the most controversial point first. Why is it controversial because “best practice” says that you should always try to convert a user on their first visit. While this is mostly true if your offering is complicated, expensive or unusual then its a fallacy. Just like dating if your after more then just a one night fling this can be counter-productive.
  2. The personal experience goes a long way – So you have to decide where to take your date and fall back on the tried and tested combo of dinner/cinema/bar. Yeah its proven but its also the same as every other date your partner has been on. How about something more personal? if they like walks take them for a coffee the other side of a nice park. A generic offer will provide a generic experience. Personalised or better yet unique experiences stick in our memory and make your offering stand out from the crowd.
  3. No nasty surprises – finding out at the checkout that you have a additional postage fee will kill your conversions. This goes double for dating, finding out half way through dinner that your date has a chequered past will kill the data quicker then food poisoning. Be up front, explain yourself and odds are you will be given a chance. otherwise ask yourself when was the last time you enjoyed a negative surprise?