Author: AmmoAthwal

Copywriting hacks to increase conversions

Why the headline is not the king Who has heard the old maxim that once you have written your headline you have spent 80cents of your dollar? If you have not then you are the lucky one as this is bandied about with fervour in the digital marketing sphere. See the issue is that this was a […]

Everything in CRO only has one job

Everything in CRO only has one job and stop making headlines that try to convert   So let me start this post with a question, how many people have optimised a Homepage for conversions. I would guess that it would be most of the people who read this article. I have to admit I have […]

Social media, customer service and CRO

  Customer service is an often overlooked part of digital marketing and CRO   Let me set the scene, I am due to fly to Canada in just under 3 days with my mother. She for all her good points is a vegetarian and I had neglected to order the vegetarian meal during booking. I […]