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Page flicker

So we have all seen a page flicker when a AB test is running but a lot of people don’t realise the magnitude of the effect this can have on accurate test results. First we need to understand why this is such a issue. A AB Test is a double blind randomised control trial. The […]

The problem with Hypotheses

Now let me start this by saying that without hypothesis testing you are just shooting in the dark. A solid hypothesis will not only tell what you are hoping to change but why you expect it to change. It should also include some evidence why you believe this will happen as well as the measures […]

17 CRO Tools to optimise your CRO campaigns

What are the top CRO tools in 2015 Like any facet of digital marketing CRO has its fair share of tools that are available to make your job a little easier and to make you look good to your client/Boss. However with so many tools out there which do you try? well hopefully this post […]