13 A/B Testing Ideas

13 A/B Testing Ideas

chemistry cat keeps customers happy by A/B testing
A/B testing can keep your customers and bank balance happy

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” Chinese philosopher Laozi.

This especially applies to A/B testing where the hardest thing is knowing where to begin. So I hope these tips will give you some ideas of where to start

Calls to Action (CTAs)

The whole point of your site is that you want people to take a specific action. If that’s not the point of your site what is? So a good place to begin testing is your CTAs as they are usually quick and easy to test and can provide some good uplifts.

  1. Click here to Buy? More info?  Purchase? Checkout? Add to Cart? Test the CTA text on your buttons remember it needs to be something that applies to your site and answers the user’s question “I want to _________”
  2. Try varying the  positioning of your CTA, making key CTAs more prominent than others.
  3. A/B test numerous CTAs per page against one large CTA per page.
  4. Test different CTA hover states,  make it really obvious that buttons are clickable
  5. Test different colors, shapes, and sizes for CTA buttons on your website. (rectangles and squares usually work best but who know a triangle CTA could work?)


Content has the biggest chance of converting a maybe to a yes and a no to a maybe. So top-notch content is key not just for SEO but also for CRO.

  1. A/B test if your users are willing to sign-up or provide information to access further content.
  2. Do site visitors crave more information about your company before converting? Test adding or removing “About” content on your homepage and landing pages.
  3. Tone can make a big difference in keeping users on your site. See what your visitors prefer by testing various tones and styles.
  4. Test how content is shown, do users prefer to scroll or click to another page to learn more?


Copy is the best way to get through to your customers and helps users to understand your company and what separates you from your competition.

  1. A/B test if your site visitors prefer shorter versions of headlines, taglines, product descriptions, and other content on your site.
  2. Headlines are their to grab attention and are one of the most read pieces of text on a page. Try variations that are straightforward against ones that are abstract, goofy, or creative.
  3. Test paragraphs or bullet points.
  4. Test the tone of your copy sometimes positive copy works better other times negative copy tone works better

In summary think of the various elements that make up a page and see if an alternative element can achieve a better effect. Then A/B test against the original.